September 16, 2022
8:00 pm
Grand Hospice, Rue du Grand Hospice, Brussel
Nuits Beau Tas
Ensemble Vasistas

In the huge slaughterhouse market that takes place every week, tons of fruits and vegetables are collected by Cultureghem.
In the heart of the heterogeneous and multicultural district that is Kuregem, the moments of participative cooking and redistribution of these products are the occasion of more or less unlikely encounters and exchanges.

It is within this framework, and with the people gathered here that we propose workshops of free improvisation, literature and video.

The resulting ideas, texts, images, sounds and memories are the basic material we will use to shape, work on and reappropriate in the creation of a show lasting about an hour, mixing improvisation, creative music, video-projection and text.

Composition – Fanny Libert

Videos – Marius Huguenin

Texts, keys – Cyril Huguenin

Flutes – Juliette Ferreira